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Continuous learning leads to continuous improvement.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and so does the journey of skill development. Embrace the process, cherish the small victories, and witness the powerful ripple effect of progress.

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Meet the dynamo of inspiration —Mr.  Manik Hossain, the visionary trainer and inspirational speaker. An extraordinary blend of author, educator, business counselor, and prolific entrepreneur, he isn’t just a speaker; he’s a force that ignites passion and transforms lives.

In the vast landscape of training and inspirational speakers, Mr. Manik Hossain stands out as one of the youngest and most captivating sacred speakers in Bangladesh. His words aren’t just spoken; they are a symphony that resonates with the deepest chords of your potential, urging you to embrace the extraordinary within.

Believe in your spark, and let continuous development be the flame that turns your potential into a dazzling firework of personal growth.

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Atiqur Rahman Talent Acquisition Specialist at Link3 Technologies Ltd

Trainer Manik vai was very engaging and knowledgeable. His delivery was clear and concise, and he made sure to create an interactive learning environment. I found the small group exercises particularly helpful in applying the concepts we were learning.

Sabikun Nahar Eva Executive at NEXT Sourcing Limited, Bangladesh Liaison Office

Instructor Manik Bhai is really helpful. Overall a great institution to learn a lot of things. Highly recommended.

Nur Mohammad Farhad Officer, IUB

Instructor Manik bhai is very helpful. I have learned so much and so many things which are very useful. And the course content is well organized, all the topic are specific and easy to understand.

Dewam Sadique Niloy Banglalink Digital

All in all a fantastic course. It was perfectly balanced between outorr and classroom activities. Whilst it was enjoyable and fun, I also learned a great deal about myself, my peers, and how to be an inspirational trainer. Manik bhai was energetic and enthusiastic throughout, and treated everyone with respect.

Mahmud Alam Amsterdam, Netherlands

I have attended a training session based on "Advanced Excel " conducted by Mr. Manik. He is a very professional trainer with depth knowledge in Excel. The best part of the training was his organized teaching method.

Muhaimen John Human Resource Division, Corporate HQ at ONE Bank Limited

Trainer Manik bhai has an exceptional methods of training, the course outline is very well organized. He is so systematic and helpful. I am very pleased with their training process.

Towsif Hasan Credentialing Analyst at Radiant Data Systems Ltd

ICDB is the best place to develop your career. and Manik bhai is the the best trainer I have seen in Dhaka.

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